Honey, Did I Forget to Tell You Something?

My wife got a call from our friend from Seattle today and our friend begins to tell my wife how much she likes my blog.  Of course, my wife has no idea what she’s talking about.  That could be because her husband forgot to tell her he was doing a blog (I think I just referred to myself in 4th person).  When I did show her my site, however, she remembered reading the I ♥ Baseball post from July.

“It had been so long that I just didn’t think you were doing anything with it anymore,” was her excuse for not recalling my writing.  Touché… and a little bit of ouch!

I explained that my inspiration for restarting the blog came from my English Comp teacher’s assertion that a writer shouldn’t just sit and try to write for 8 hours straight, but write a little each day.  That resonated with me.  I decided the only way for me to really start writing with better quality was quantity; you know, practice makes perfect.

Another by-product of my comp class is going to be material.  Our assignment for next week’s class is to write a memoir.  After completing my brainstorming for ideas to write about, I decided upon the death of my Grandpa Howk.  The next morning, however, I was struck by the memory that would eventually become my memoir; one of the last really happy memories I had with my dad before our relationship was soured by my parents’ divorce and the distance I put between us in the natural ritual of a young adult exploring his independence.  But, here I am stuck with this memoir about my grandpa.  What do I do with that?

Well, the blog is the answer.  Sometime during the next couple weeks I’ll publish that memoir to my blog and probably the actual memoir I turn in, too.  I also have another piece that I did right after the death of Michael Jackson.  It was my memorial to him and what he meant to me.  I’m going to polish that up with the perspective that only time can give and post it sometime, too.  Other than that, expect a lot of quantity and I’ll work on the quality as we go.  Enjoy the ride!


About Richard Howk

Fiction author with my first novel, Pariah, available December 2nd.
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