Book Content Question

Just a little question I’ve been pondering for awhile…  For those of you who have teen children, would you let them read a book in which one of the obstacles the heroin is trying to overcome is being raped at the age of 14?  Obviously, the rape is not explicitly detailed, but she does have reoccurring nightmares about the event.  It’s a feature of the book I’ve been working on for sometime, but it is something I struggle with every time I sit down to write.  I feel it is essential to the storyline, but tackling such a taboo subject might make the novel too emotionally difficult for younger readers.  Please, let me know.  If you have additional views beyond your vote, please leave me a comment on this post.


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Fiction author with my first novel, Pariah, available December 2nd.
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4 Responses to Book Content Question

  1. Sarah says:

    You need a maybe option….because it is all in how it is written.

  2. J.C. Fralick says:

    I think we have to shop sheltering children and while I understand the desire to keep them innocent, what one must realize is that there are tons of people that are just waiting to pray on your sheltered children. Not only are there sexual predators, but those that will play with their emotions and their money and if Big Worm taught us anything it is that playin with my money is like playin with my emotions. I’m not saying that the parent just allows their child to do whatever they want, but let’s stop raising a generation of children that will crumble at the first traumatic thing that happens in their life, that is unaware that there are bad people and that has so little real life experience that they have no idea how to manage in this sometimes dark world in which we live.

    • richardhowk says:

      Well, said, J.C.! I feel the same way, and that is why I wanted to tackle this ambitious endeavor in the first place. It is a subject that I may never be able to fully understand (unless I end up in Big Boy jail someday), but I also feel it is a subject that doesn’t need to be just swept under the carpet. I believe with all my heart that if this book can help at least one young woman deal with the horrors associated with rape, then it will be worth all the time spent writing it and thousand times more.

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