The Rebirth of a Love Affair

I find it time to set foot once again on a journey that has become far too infrequent.  The journey of self-discovery, affirmation, and catharsis which is this blog.  Always with great passion do I bring fingers to keyboard, but life has a way of keeping lovers apart.  The digital affair has become star-crossed.  But, while we are together, let us not waste time lamenting our vexed state.

Let us speak instead on futures bright; on how we shall never let life’s timetable decide when or where we shall next meet.  Nay shall we see the sun rise and set, without the press of key under digit.  Time will have no say on our culmination, only the sun and moon.  As those Heavenly bodies dance their choreographed routine, we shall not miss one turn without rekindling our passion.

Oh! let the world see the fruits of our desire flow on their windows along the information highway daily; may each one be greater than the next.  That our progeny may entertain, enlighten, and incite thought upon each vision is our only hope.


About Richard Howk

Fiction author with my first novel, Pariah, available December 2nd.
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