A Short Lived Writing Career?

I received an unexpected phone call today. One that may change my profession for a while. I applied for a position in the real estate career path about a month ago. Having obtained my real estate license on 2003, I am qualified for what they were asking for, and since my current situation allows for me to be a little picky about the jobs I choose to apply for, I figured what the heck. Today I talked to them and I have been asked to come in for an interview. Although I am enjoying my time to write and my wife is enjoying a clean house, this is an opportunity we can’t pass up. We would be insane to in an economy such as this. Tomorrow is going to be a tell-tale day in my life. No matter what may come of it, I have full faith it will be for the best.


About Richard Howk

Fiction author with my first novel, Pariah, available December 2nd.
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1 Response to A Short Lived Writing Career?

  1. Steven Howk says:

    Sounds like a great oppurtunity. I’ll be praying God guides you in the right direction.

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