Acquiescing to Thirty-Six

36.  Every year October 3rd rolls around, and that number continues to go up.  But, what does it really mean?  Am I an old man now?  If you ask my nieces and nephews, I’m probably ancient.  But, to my family and friends of a more seasoned age, I’m just a baby. Of course, the truth lies some where in between.  I’m not as old as some think, nor am I as young as others believe.  I truly feel middle age is upon me.

Happy Birthday to Me!

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Statistics say that I should be coming into my prime earning years in the next decade, but for an fiction author without a book credit to his name, who knows what that means. Hopefully, it means I’m getting ready hit it big and start banging out New York Times Bestsellers one after another.  I’m going to be the optimist and go with that outlook.

Unlike a lot of people I know, getting older isn’t really bothering me.  I’m actually kind of holding out hope that maybe my best looking days are ahead of me.  You know, like McDreamy and McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy.  Have you seen those guys back in the day?  What a couple of geeks, but now, any woman in America would give up their firstborn for one night with either of those two.  I’m hoping for the same result… The Sean Connery Effect.

The only thing that I am disappointed about turning 36 is that last year I told myself that I wanted to have a book under contract by this time. Unfortunately, I have missed that goal, but I am going to renew the same one for this year; book under contract by 37.  That still gives me some good years to knock out those bestsellers.  I am still young enough for that.

I think the thing that I do enjoy about getting older is the maturity and wisdom that comes with age.  Now, my wife probably just burst out with laughter at that last line, but it’s true.  I now know things that I couldn’t have possibly understood at 21.  Like, things are never as bad as they seem, nor as good as they seem.  All you need is love, but you can’t pay for groceries in kisses.  In the end, your marriage and life will be a lot happier if your spouse and best friend are one in the same.  I now understand the phrase “money is the root of all evil” refers not only to the people who have it, but also to those who don’t.  But, most importantly, I now know that it doesn’t matter what you do for your birthday, how many gifts you get, or what age you are turning, as long as you are surrounded by the family and friends that you love, and that love you in return, you will always have a happy birthday.


About Richard Howk

Fiction author with my first novel, Pariah, available December 2nd.
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