Not to be Out-Blogged…

So, my wife has started her own blog.  (  She came with me to the most recent conference of the Ozarks Writers League, and was inspired by one of the speakers, Kristen Lamb, to start blogging.  Amy, my wife, has always had a passing interest in writing, but she has started to get a little more serious about it lately, and is working in the concept phase of a fantasy sci-fi novel.  So,  when Kristen said blogging was a great way to find your voice as a writer (and it is), Amy decided that she wanted to give it a shot to improve her writing skills.  But, I am beginning to think that Kristen and Amy are in cahoots and had ulterior motives.

Many of you know that I have ADD.  It’s a fact of life, and I deal with it.  I try to be very self-aware during the day to make sure I am not losing focus, or over focusing on any task too long, but sometimes I can’t help it.  If you follow my blog at all, you’ll notice the sporadic nature of it.  I will go months upon months without even a single post, and then BAM! 20 posts in 15 days.  That’s ADD!  But, the one big misconception about this disorder is that people believe it is all about having a short attention span or being easily distr – – oh, look, there’s a bird outside my window.   But, a big component of ADD for me, which I mentioned earlier, is over focusing.  The medical term is Hyper Focusing.  Not everyone who has ADHD/ADD experiences this, but for me it happens all the time.

An Affair of a Lifetime

The therapist who diagnosed me explained Hyper Focusing to my wife and I as that feeling you get when you get that gift that you’ve always wanted, or the feeling of first falling in love with someone.  People who Hyper Focus are in love with that feeling and can think about nothing else other than what is giving them that feeling.  We obsess about it until that object no longer provides us with that feeling we need, and then we are on to the next thing that ignites that spark.  Which is why writing and I are sometimes passionate lovers and other times we are an old couple sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs.  The love is always there, but the raw, unbridled passion tends to ebb and flow.

By now my wife has pretty much got me figured out.  She knows which buttons to press to get me to do what she needs me to do.  She is a highly intelligent woman, so it should come as no surprise to me that she has devised this latest plan to get me to do what I needed to be doing all along.  She might as well be writing her blogs and book with a cattle prod.  Amy knows that I can’t set idly by and watch her do all the writing.  So, she grabs me by the pen and paper and forces me to fall in love with writing all over again.

I’m still not sure how Amy got Kristen involved with this arrangement, but I want to thank the both of them for forcing me to pick up the phone and give writing a call again.  With my wonderful support group, I think things are really going to work out this time.


About Richard Howk

Fiction author with my first novel, Pariah, available December 2nd.
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