NRE in Your Writing

One of the hardest things to fight as an author is when you are in the middle of your WIP (Work In Progress) and the Muse decides to drop the sexiest, juiciest story right in the middle of your plate. You want to jump right on it, drop your WIP and dedicate all your time to this new and obviously, more brilliant piece, but there is nothing more detrimental to your writing career. It is the fatal mistake many unpublished authors make time and time again. But, all you end up doing is becoming the author who is ‘working on several projects.’

Street Corner Profit Early TeaseIt’s comparable to a phenomenon polyamorists refer  to as NRE, which is short for New Relationship Energy. (And yes, I said polyamorists, not polygamists. It’s 2016, polyamory is a thing. Deal with it.) But, it is not a feeling that is exclusive to the poly community. It’s just necessary for them to have a name for it.

Chances are you have experienced NRE in your lifetime. Some call it puppy love, but moreover, it is that feeling that you can only get when you like someone and you find out that they like you, too. It’s flirty texts, the late night phone calls, a first date, holding hands on a park bench, or that first kiss. There is no feeling like it.

While it might be one of the most exhilarating emotions there is, it is also one of the most dangerous. How many marriages have ended because someone meets that cute new co-worker or a handsome gent at the gym? They take an interest in each other, NRE kicks in, and the next thing you know a spouse is being served divorce papers. Monogamy has no alternative than to sever the one relationship to pursue the other.

polyamory-130214In a poly relationship, partners are allowed to pursue interests outside the core relationship. They have the freedom to explore new girlfriends or boyfriends, but they respect and come back to that central connection that has been nurtured and developed over years, or possibly decades.

Now, this is not a recommendation or condemnation of monogamy or polyamory, each has its upside and downside. And at this point in my life, I’m not a fan of any construct bonding me to another human being. But, in this instance, the author needs to be a little more poly and a lot less mono. You can flirt with this miraculous piece of literary genius that magically appeared before you, but you have to realize that your steady relationship is with your WIP. At one point you had that NRE with your current project, but that bond has grown beyond silly puppy love. Give your WIP the respect and admiration it deserves.



About Richard Howk

Fiction author with my first novel, Pariah, available December 2nd.
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