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21. My favorite number. What a funny thing to say, A favorite number? Yet we all have one. When you read ‘My favorite number,’ I bet yours popped in to your head. But, why do we develop such strong affectations … Continue reading

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Who Gives a Flying Tweet?

I woke up this morning with a bad case of heartburn¹ and I decided that while I was up I might as well get in some writing.  While searching for a topic to blab about for a few paragraphs, I … Continue reading

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Time to Act is Now for SEC

The college football merry-go-round has apparently stopped for the time being.  Texas A&M found a seat with the SEC, and Pitt and Syracuse got cozy with the ACC.  Meanwhile, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech ran into a “You … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football Draft Day vs. Christmas

Editorial Note:  I posted this in my fantasy football league’s message board and it turned into an impromptu blog post.  So, I copied it to it’s proper place here. This may be a little sacrilegious, but I believe I look … Continue reading

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The Road to Hog Heaven

As the holiday season is now upon us, it’s time for Razorback Nation to start finalizing our travel plans.  The road to Hog Heaven is a tricky one, and if we hope arrive by January 4, 2010 in New Orleans, … Continue reading

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Who Dat Gonna Drive Me Crazy?

Editorial Note:  A piece that I started back in February after the Saints won the Super Bowl.  I found it on my old blog, polished it up, and now here it is for your viewing pleasure. If you have never … Continue reading

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Predictions for the 2010 MLB Season

Like every other sports journalist on the planet, I decided to get my predictions for the upcoming baseball season on record.  So, without any further delay, I present to you how I foresee the 2010 Major League Baseball season playing … Continue reading

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